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Looking for a permanent external addition to your home that offers shade, protection from rain and and amazing backyard experience? The covered patio is your solution. Our covered patios are built to NC code and customers receive a certificate of occupancy (COO) once the build is complete. This shows that NC has approved the project via the appropriate permits and inspections.


Our experts build covered patios based on your coverage needs. We overbuild to ensure longevity, including adhering to NC girder and rafter spans (wood length). Our base package for a three post structure includes gutters, six recessed can lights, two fan mounts, two outlets (ceiling) and a dimmer. These numbers change as the base size of the structure changes (bigger or smaller).

We offer different appearances for posts, including cedar (natural wood), vinyl and metal wraps. We match your shingle and siding color/type to ensure acceptance by HOA architectural approval.

You can choose to have a flat ceiling like in your house or a slanted ceiling to match the pitch of the roof. Please see examples via the “Covered Patio Pics” link below.

All constructioni is properly permitted:

Zoning Permit - Building Permit - Electrical Permit

Note: We do not pour concrete or lay pavers to expand the actual patio pad, but can recommend great companies to do this work for you.


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