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Need more storage? Want a place to put your yard equipment? If either scenario applies, let Create A Dream experts build a shed for you.


Our sheds are stronger than those found in big-box stores and online. We frame our studs to be 16 inches on center to ensure maximum stength at the walls.

We match the shingles on your house to conform to HOA requirements and use drip edge to ensure that rain falls away from the structure.

Our experts reinforce the door and use security hinges to ensure that your possessions are truly safe. We also use a handle with integrated lock for further piece of mind.

We include one window and vent with our builds, but you can add as many of these fixtures as you see fit. We also include a row of shelving (you specify height/location).

Lastly, no cinder blocks or other unstable materials are used as the base of your shed. We only use concrete pads to ensure a permanent, solid base for which to place your valuables.


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